High street retailers dominate a list of the friendliest places to work, a new study has shown.

Clothing store TK Maxx claimed top spot, followed by WH Smith, Debenhams, Boots, Asda and Greggs.

Jobs website Glassdoor said comments it received about the winners included praise for managers, a friendly atmosphere, staff discount, subsidised canteens and different time-off options.

Joe Wiggins, of Glassdoor, said: “When it comes to finding a new job we all have our own priorities, whether it’s better pay, career progression or seeking out a certain company culture.

“For some people, making friends at work and having a friendly boss is what keeps them in the job.

“Retail is the UK’s biggest employer, so the atmosphere at work potentially impacts millions of people on a daily basis.

“It’s no coincidence that this list is packed with some of the UK’s most popular high-street retailers, because clearly camaraderie is easily forged among people working on the front line in customer-facing roles.

“The employers on this list no doubt put a lot of effort into fostering the right work culture because good customer service is the difference between failure and success.”