DIBLEY is coming to Penarth this August all in aid of Walk With Alfie. Life in the sleepy village of Dibley is thrown upside-down when ancient Vicar Pottle (Don Shirley) dies and the diocese send a new-fangled female vicar, Geraldine Grainger (Fiona Porter-Smith) as his replacement.

Her arrival is met with a mixture of wonder and horror from the assorted collection of rural yokels who call Dibley home: Autocratic head of the Parish Council and local landowner David Horton (Graham Perkins) is particularly appalled; and resolves to call in any favour possible to have her removed. However, David's plans fail and the new female vicar steps undaunted into their quaint and utterly batty country world, and it's not long before even David must admit that Geraldine's the best thing to have ever happened to Dibley.

This wonderful show is written by Richard Curtis and Richard Mayhew-Archer and is produced by Pat Shirley. This amateur performance will be held in conjunction with Comic Relief.

Watch the chaos unfold at All Saints Church Hall from August 27 – 30 all in aid of a great cause. Tickets cost £10/£9 are available from Foxy’s Deli, Victoria Street, Penarth or online at www.ticketsource.co.uk/walkwithalfie.

For more information on Walk with Alfie visit www.walkwithalfie.co.uk.