HIJINX and Sherman INC Youth Theatre will be performing a free dance event on Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28. The magical dance show will has been especially recreated for the Wales Millennium Centre and has grown from a collaboration between three Welsh companies and disabled dance specialists, GDance.

Their show ‘Stuck in the Mud’ is about the joys of love, life and throwing off labels, and that anyone – regardless of age, body shape, ability or disability can enjoy dance and dancing.

Inclusive theatre companies Wales Millennium Centre-based Hijinx Theatre and Sherman INC Youth Theatre are working with Ballet Cymru and GDance on this adaptation of this family-friendly, free-to-watch dance show, performed on and around the Glanfa stage.

Internationally renowned disabled choreographer Marc Brew is directing the piece to work both with the unique physical space of the venue and the physical bodies of the dancers.

The promenade performance leads the audience to each new dance piece - from brief vignettes to full scale, whole cast spectacles. It is suitable for all ages, and is accessible to wheelchairs and buggies.

The name, Stuck in the Mud, is inspired both by the beauty that can grow from mud and the children’s game of the same name.

The accompanying original music, enhanced by a live French horn, was scored by Newport-based Welsh Livery Guild award-winning composer, Jack White.

Gloucester-based GDance was invited by Arts Council Wales to recreate Stuck in the Mud for these additional Welsh performances. Their support, alongside Wales Dance Consortium and Disability Arts Cymru, has made this happen in 2014. A substantial investment from the National Trust in 2013 made possible the creation of Stuck in the Mud.

For more information, visit www.gdancelive.co.uk.

The shows will be about one hour long and start at noon and at 3pm. They are suitable for all ages and there is an accessible route.

For more information about the show call 02920 636464.