DO YOU remember how you met your partner?

I met my wife Christine when she started work at the Penarth Times, at the age of 15, during that severest of winters in 1962-63.

We were married in 1970 and we were to work together for a combined total of 75 years.

What I remember most about her when we first met is that she had long hair and a sunny disposition.

She started in the paper"s bindery, and later transferred to reception, where over the years she got to know so many of the paper"s regular contributors and advertisers.

Lots of people told me that it would have driven them mad if they had worked with their partner every day for 37 years but for us it was never a problem.

We have some great memories of life at the Penarth Times and the many colleagues we worked with over that long period, some of them sadly no longer with us.

Things were not always so positive and the Penarth Times went through some dark days too.

For some time after the print strike at the end of 1978 and beginning of 1979 when we were unable to publish for seven weeks, the paper was brought out by just three of us - the advertising manager the late Eric Reynolds, Christine on classified and reception, and me as reporter, copy typist and editor.

Long days and late nights meant that Chris and I had little time to ourselves, but she never once grumbled.

Eventually the paper prospered again, and there were many changes to come, most noticeably in the production process and the move away from hot metal to photo composition and ultimately to full computerisation.

These changes continue under the present day management team with the development of the website and generally taking advantage of the digital age to help ensure that the Penarth Times will continue to have a bright future.

By the way, Christine"s hair style may have changed, but she still has that same sunny disposition.

* This is my last column for now, and I would like to say thank you for your kind comments, and to wish everyone a great New Year.

Malcolm Davies