A CONSULTATION is to be held ahead of the implementation of an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) on part of Windsor Road, Penarth.

The local authority has a statutory obligation under the Environment Act 1995 to review and assess air quality within its area, against objectives for a number of key pollutants within the Air Quality Standards (Wales) Regulation 2010.

Data collected over a number of years suggests that along Windsor Road and the Cogan junction, emissions of Nitrogen dioxide - derived mainly from traffic build-up - are close to exceeding the concentration objective laid out in the standards regulation.

At locations where air quality fails or is unlikely to meet the objectives, the council must declare AQMAs and implement an action plan to deal with the situation within 12 months.

The Vale Council cabinet agreed all recommendations relating to the Air Quality Review and Assessment 2011 at a meeting on Monday (November 19).

Properties included in the AQMA will be those between 100 and 172 Windsor Road (evens only); and 155 to 161 Windsor Road (odds only).

The consultation will be held over a 10-week period starting on January 2.

A drop-in session will also be arranged in the area for residents to speak directly to officers about the proposal.