A DINAS Powys author has had his book chosen to be sold in Waterstones in Cardiff.

‘The Blue People of Cloud Planet’, written by Brian Wolfden, is described as ‘a fast moving space adventure to the stars’. In the book astronauts Olivia Medici and Scott Parker volunteer for a one way ticket to the Star Seren in response to an unbelievable signal received from outer space.

Here they discover a unique species threatened to extinction by an unknown menace. The book follows their exciting exploits across the remarkable Cloud Planet as they discover a dark menace that lurks below the surface.

“The book has five star reviews on Amazon and readers are saying they can't wait for Volume Two of the trilogy – Quest of the Dicepterons,” said Brian Wolfden.

“I am a retired scientist with a fascination for space travel and an utter conviction that life exists elsewhere in the Universe. Back in 1972 I was particularly intrigued by the launch of Pioneer 10 because it carried a gold plaque with information about mankind and was destined to leave our solar system and travel endlessly towards the stars. This event triggered the grains of a story and 40 years later I have written it.”

Brian’s book is available online at www.dicepterons.com and at Waterstones in The Hayes, Cardiff; Windsor Bookshop, Penarth; Wellfield Bookshop, Roath, Cardiff, and Village Stores in Dinas Powys.