VISITORS have been advised to stay away from the University Hospital of Llandough for the next few weeks after an outbreak of norovirus.

Several patients on two wards have contracted the norovirus, also known as the winter vomiting bug, which spreads quickly from person to person, and can make more acutely ill or vulnerable patients extremely unwell.

The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (CAVB) has urged visitors and members of the public not to attend University Hospital Llandough unless absolutely necessary in a bid to contain the spread of the winter vomiting bug.

It has also advised anyone that has had norovirus themselves should wait at least 48 hours since they have felt better before visiting the hospital as they could still be contagious.

Alice Casey, the UHB’s Chief Operating Officer, said that, while norovirus is extremely common in the community at this time of year, it can present problems when it spreads in hospitals.

“Many people will have the norovirus bug at this time of year – we see it every year and, for most people, it will be unpleasant but not serious,” she said.

“But when norovirus spreads in hospitals, where patients are already unwell and are in close proximity to each other on wards, the effects can be more serious.

“At this stage, we’re asking people to be sensible and to stay away from the hospital if they possibly can, to avoid spreading the bug.

“In addition, it may be that you’ve had norovirus yourself and are feeling a bit better and think it’s safe to come in and visit. The reality is that there needs to have been at least 48 hours since your symptoms cleared before you can be confident that you’re not going to spread the bug to someone else.

“We know that it’s difficult when people have friends and relatives in hospital and they naturally want to pop in and visit. Over the coming weeks, we’re asking for the public’s help in helping us to limit the spread of norovirus so that we can protect vulnerable patients from the effects of this nasty bug by staying away from the hospital.”

If you or a family member has a sickness bug, find out more on how to manage the symptoms and what to do by checking out the help that’s available on the NHS Direct website or the NHS Choices website.