PENARTH Leisure Centre was recently closed after “traces of bacteria” were found in the water pipes.

The leisure centre was closed early one evening in October last year so that “disinfection and further tests” could be carried out and reopened the following morning after all tests came back clear and the Andrew Road centre was reassured the water system was “completely safe”.

The leisure centre was also closed for several days earlier this month so that a number of building updates, including the scheduled upgrade work on the water system, could be completed.

A spokesman from Parkwood Community Leisure, which operates Penarth Leisure Centre on behalf of Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “Since taking over the management of the Vale of Glamorgan contract in August 2012, Parkwood Leisure has been working with the council to identify and prioritise over £2million-worth of improvement works needed across the six leisure centres (Penarth, Cowbridge, Llantwit Major, Barry, Holm View and Colcot Sports Centre).

“The plumbing system at Penarth was scheduled for upgrade as part of these works and the centre team has maintained regular water testing with specialist water consultants, previously employed by the local authority.”

He added: “In October last year one of these tests showed traces of bacteria in the water pipes which needed to be flushed through and disinfected. As a precaution, and in consultation with the council’s environmental health officer, we took the decision to close the centre straight away to avoid any risk to customers, while disinfection and further tests took place that evening. The centre re-opened the following morning and all subsequent tests have been clear and the consultants have confirmed the system is completely safe.

“Earlier this month, the leisure centre was closed to complete a number of the building updates that included the scheduled upgrade work on the water system.”