THE INTRODUCTION of a new parking system at University Hospital Llandough appears to be going well and could mean a return for bus services to the site.

Two months ago the hospital’s new multi-decked car park opened and private company ParkingEye started managing parking regulations at UHL.

New patient only parking areas, closer to the hospital building, have been set up along with improved security measures including patrols to tackle inconsiderate parking – a long standing problem at the hospital.

Peter Welsh, the hospital’s general manager, said: “So far it appears to be going really well. The roads have been clear, there’s been no vehicles blocking key entrances and there have been spaces available for staff and patients.

“There have been mixed comments from patients and staff however this was to be expected during the initial period until site users become accustomed to the new arrangements.

“One of the positives of the impact of the changes and the clear roads is that bus operators are once again prepared to look at servicing the site fully, which they have not been able to do in the past due to vehicles being parked inappropriately.

“If we can bring public transport back on to the site it will be a great benefit for visitors and staff.”

UHL has suffered from parking problems for a number of years with delays making patients late for their appointments, bus operators refusing to service the site and emergency vehicles being delayed.

The plans have been developed over a year and involved consultation with staff, their representatives, the Community Health Council, police, council and other groups involved in the hospital.

The previous surface parking areas have closed to allow work on the £88 million new Adult Mental Health Unit to begin.