AMBULANCE response times were once again missed across the Vale this January.

MP Alun Cairns has called for action from the Welsh Government to resolve the persistent problem, with statistics reporting that only 54 per cent of category A calls arrived within the target time.

This is well below the 65 per cent expectation and below the 57 per cent Welsh average. In England the target response time is 75 per cent.

Mr Cairns said: “This problem has been going on for years and enough is enough.

"Over that time, I have received reports of pensioners who have been left stranded waiting for hours and in another case a nervous neighbour simply driving an ill patient to the hospital themselves.

“This is a constituency wide problem and I continue to be contacted by constituents from Barry to Llantwit Major to Cowbridge who feel they are being let down by the service.

“Despite the best efforts of dedicated ambulance staff, the service is not delivering the standard of service that patients expect and deserve.

"I am concerned that there appears to be little action by the Welsh Government.

“It is also worth considering that if a community first responder arrives within the target response time then that is counted as having achieved the target, although the patient could still be waiting for an ambulance for a considerable period longer.

“Hardworking paramedics are being left waiting at Accident and Emergency departments. They are being held back and not freed up to travel to new patients.

"Waiting times and A and E are far too long and are impacting ambulance response times."