WE were so pleased to read the letter from Ray Sherry (Penarth Times, January 30) regarding the fact that he has no intention to build houses on the Cowslip woodland.

We are very concerned about the destruction of this woodland and its inhabitants if building were to go ahead, and sincerely hope that Mr Ray Sherry's preliminary offer to purchase this land has been accepted. It is encouraging that he wishes to create a legacy for future generations.

We have lived on the Cowslip estate for 42 years and have always enjoyed and appreciated the fact that we are able to view trees and woodland from our back garden.

We also derive great pleasure from the birds that visit our garden on a daily basis and the squirrels who come to our back door for peanuts. They have made this woodland their home, along with an abundance of many other species of living creatures. It would be so sad if they were to lose this little sanctuary.

We would also like to add that if help were needed to assist Mr Sherry with his project to provide protection for the wildlife and improve the land for local use, we would be wiling volunteers.

Mr and Mrs Jamieson

Cowslip Drive