POLICE and Crime Commissioner for South Wales Alun Michael recently spoke to Neighbourhood Watch volunteers and members of the public in Cardiff about the experience of his first year in office and spelt out his vision for the future.

Speaking before the meeting, Mr Michael said: “At a time when South Wales Police have to do more with less it is important that we work with Neighbourhood Watch groups to make a real difference. Members give up their own time to work together to keep our communities safer.

“In South Wales, we have a cut in cash terms of 4.8% this year, but when inflation is included that figure becomes nearly 7.8%. This comes on the back of a wave of cuts since 2010 which has seen the Police Grant cut by nearly 19% in cash terms, or closer to 30% in real terms when inflation is included.

“We are further penalised in South Wales by the Government’s refusal to recognise Cardiff as a Capital City in their funding formula.

“We are lucky that we have some very active volunteers – in Neighbourhood Watch, in our animal welfare and custody visiting schemes and our Special Constables. I want to encourage Neighbourhood Watch groups to take ownership of local issues so that, together, we can provide solutions. I also want to engage with our volunteers, who do important work within our communities, and work together on reducing crime and offending to make South Wales a safer place to live.”