DINAS Powys councillors have invited local residents to contact them to comment on proposals to upgrade the mobile phone mast at the existing base station at Dinas Powys Athletic Club.

Dinas Powys councillor Chris Franks said: “We are told that there is a specific requirement for an upgrade at this location to provide 4G coverage to the area

“The proposal is likely to comprise the removal of the existing 15 metre monopole with a new 17.5 metre steel monopole upon which will be attached six new antenna and one relocated dish, with the addition of ancillary RRU’s behind each antenna and associated replacement cabling. “Electronic apparatus would also be contained within new ground based equipment cabinets within the existing compound. The overall height of the new installation will be marginally below the overall height of the existing installation.”

He added: “We would be pleased to receive any comments from residents and we can be contacted at familyfranks@btinternet.com.”