ALBERT Primary School is set to benefit from more than £1million worth of renovation work.

It comes after the school was forced to close for several weeks in December 2012 when an underfloor heating pipe burst, and again for two weeks in October 2013 when heavy rain caused water to leak from damaged ceilings.

The Vale Council has now announced that the Albert Road school, a Grade II listed building, will be one of the Vale schools to benefit from renovation work to the tune of £1,100,000.

The council cabinet has earmarked money for property surveys of its primary schools and set aside more than £1million for renovation work.

The council has many Victorian schools and the ageing lath and plaster used in the buildings has been causing problems, including falling masonry. Some of the county’s newer schools also need renovation work.

Cllr Chris Elmore, cabinet member for children’s services, said that many of the Vale Council’s school buildings were Victorian and were now “showing their age”.

“I’m determined that local school children and teachers will have access to safe, pleasant working conditions and I’m delighted that the council has agreed to invest in property surveys and has set aside £1,100,000 for remedial work to be undertaken over the next two financial years,” he said.

“Albert Primary School in Penarth, which has recently suffered problems caused by crumbling lath and plaster, will be one of the schools to benefit from the additional funding, as will Llanfair Primary, which even though it is a newer building needs work to its roof. The property surveys will help us to pinpoint where urgent maintenance work is required in other schools.”

Diane Normansell, head teacher at Llanfair Primary School, said: “We’re very pleased to hear about the extra funding for our school. We have a very popular school in a lovely location, but we would like to see some improvements to the building as we know decent accommodation is good for the morale of both staff and pupils. The money will provide an extension to a very small classroom and a new roof.”