A PENARTH gardener is hoping to dig up a second gold medal at this year’s RHS Flower Show Cardiff with her unique take on a Norwegian Garden.

Victoria Wade, 26, won gold in 2013 for her first major project, the ‘Up-Cycle’ Show Garden, and is hoping for more of the same in 2014.

The Norwegian garden is designed to help the RHS Flower Show Cardiff celebrate its milestone tenth anniversary this year, and will be one of three projects celebrating towns which are twinned with Cardiff.

Cardiff has been twinned with Hordaland County in Norway since 1996. The two areas share a similar history, finding prosperity in the nineteenth century thanks to coal mining and their busy ports.

Victoria’s garden has been designed to celebrate the beauty and unique landscape of Hordaland County, and has been inspired by both the natural and man-made environments.

There will be a green roofed pavilion which is a modern interpretation of the region’s vernacular architecture, with granite setts reminiscent of the cobbled streets of Bergen. The countryside of Hordaland is reflected in the garden’s lush vegetation, mossy rocks, woodland pools and birch trees.

Speaking ahead of the opening of the show, which runs from tomorrow, April 11 until Sunday at Bute Park, Victoria said: “It’s going really well and we are on a roll,” she said.

“The weather threw us off a bit but we have picked up in the last few days and its made a big difference to morale.”

The garden will be assessed on Thursday before it is judged on Friday

Victoria said judging was always a “nerve-wracking experience” but that she was looking forward to seeing what the public thought.”

Victoria, who launched her Victoria Wade Landscapes business last year, added: “I have taken my inspiration from the natural landscape of the region with its lush vegetation and water - both calm and still. There will also be a nod to modern Scandinavian architecture.

“I will be using 200 year old granite cobbles from an old farmhouse in Carmarthen to represent the cobbled streets of Bergen, which means that the garden will combine both the wild and natural elements of the landscape coupled with modern and historic architecture.”

As well as the Hordaland County Garden, there will be two other Show Gardens paying tribute to Lugansk in Ukraine and Xiamen, China.

Victoria Wade Landscapes was set up in Penarth in early 2013, specialising in the design, construction and maintenance of contemporary, ecological gardens.