VOLUNTEER CREW at Penarth lifeboat station recently celebrated the station’s success at a special awards evening held at Penarth Yacht Club.

The awards were presented to several members of the land-based and sea-going crew in recognition of their commitment to the charity that saves lives at sea.

Penarth lifeboat helm Jason Dunlop received a Testimonial on Vellum in acknowledgement of his part in the flood response team who rescued a woman in the West Country in last December’s floods.

Andy Petersen was awarded the RNLI silver badge for carrying out various roles at Penarth, including the training co-coordinator, the lifeboat operations manager and the chairman.

Laurie Pavlin received an RNLI bronze badge for his support to the station as sea safety officer, offering pleasure craft users free advice on a range of topics including lifejackets, safety equipment and anchorage.

Volunteer helm Andy Vye-Parminter received his long service badge, recognising 20 years of being part of the sea going crew that has helped save so many lives around the Penarth coast.

Andy was also a member of the flood response team that travelled to Mozambique back in 2000 to help victims of devastating floods.

RNLI statuettes were awarded to Rod Hill, Mike Kingston and Claire Kingston.

Rod was recognised for his role as Deputy Launching Authority, which is part of the land based management team at Penarth, giving authority to launch the boats to calls and rescues. Rod also spent some years as part of the seagoing crew.

Mike Kingston was also recognised for his role as Deputy Launching Authority, which he has held after 22 years as a helm, crew member and as a member of the Mozambique flood response team.

Mike’s wife, Claire, was awarded the RNLI statuette in appreciation of her role as Penarth’s voluntary press officer for the past 11 years.

Guest of honour, and presenting the awards at the evening was RNLI Chairman, Charles Hunter-Pease.

During his visit, he said: “Penarth has a station of which to be proud, but more importantly a team, a real family of volunteers of all generations which make it such a success. I have been delighted to talk to so many who give up their time to support the RNLI and those families behind the scenes who support each and everyone in the station."