LOCAL environmental group Gwyrddio Penarth Greening will be holding their next public meeting on Thursday, May 22, 7pm at the Windsor Arms Pub on Windsor Road.

The meeting will feature a presentation, ‘A Prickly Affair’, from guest speaker Hugh Warwick.

Hugh is an author and ecologist with a particular passion for hedgehogs, he has already written two books about them and another about peoples love for wildlife. He has also written a recently published cover feature for BBC Wildlife magazine on the plight of the hedgehog.

His presentation will expand on this subject and explore how we can help save the hedgehog.

More information on his work can be found on his website – www.urchin.info.

Entrance to the meeting is free and open to all. There will also be a brief advance meeting at 6.30pm for GPG business and project updates including preparations for this year’s GPG Penarth local food festival.