Recycle for Wales is supporting National Recycling Week, taking place from June 16-22.

The event aims to raise awareness of recycling more items at home and, this year, using recycling bins away from the home too.

Wales has more outside recycling bins than ever before in cities, towns, villages at events and tourist locations across the country including Penarth Pier.

In fact, the Welsh Government has funded* 1,041 recycling bins over the last year. Recycling the waste you create outside the home has never been easier.

When out and about look for recycling bins to dispose of your waste - particularly cans and plastic bottles.

If there are none available, take the recyclable materials home to put in your household recycling. Alternatively, try to avoid creating the waste in the first place.

Andrew Osborne from Recycle for Wales said "Wales has many beautiful places to visit and a large number provide recycling bins for you to use. However, some places such as beaches may not have recycling bins so we recommend you take your recycling home to avoid creating rubbish in the places we love the most"

“Try to avoid creating unnecessary waste when you are outside by putting your picnic food in reusable, airtight plastic containers instead of wrapping it in aluminium foil or cling film that you will have to throw away, and use reusable plastic bottles for drinks.”

At 54%**, Wales has the highest recycling levels in the UK, but we can do more. Local authorities in Wales recycle more materials than ever, so think before binning your waste and ask yourself, “can this be recycled?”. If you’re unsure, contact your local council for a list of items.

Every Welsh council offers food waste recycling collection, which many residents use, but more people could be taking advantage of this service.

Andrew Osborne offers some more advice: “The best thing you can do with food waste is not to produce it in the first place by planning your meals in advance, using any leftovers creatively and storing food correctly. This can save a typical family up to £60 a month. For leftover recipes, tips and advice visit:”

“Left over food waste, such as vegetable peelings and bones are unavoidable, these can go straight into your food waste caddy and put out for collection on a weekly basis. If you don’t have a caddy, contact your local authority who will provide one free of charge.”

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