Teenagers have long been regarded as being one of society's most difficult groups to entice into libraries.

The staff of Penarth Library wish to squash this stereotype, raise our hands, open our doors and announce what a delight it has been to bring local teens into the library and create a fun, social environment for them to learn and mingle with fellow peers.

The energy they bring is palpable and with unsure times ahead for the library service, this refreshing injection of modernisation and spirit is exactly what has been needed to demonstrate the essential need for libraries in communities, not only for the current users groups but for new and future ones.

Following on from the massive success of our first Teen Quiz, aptly titled #iknowthat! back on April 23, Penarth Library played host once again to a large gathering of eager young teenage minds on Wednesday, May 28. The building was packed with giggles, laughter and puzzled faces as they took on some of our toughest quiz questions yet. From 'Can pigs swim?' to 'Which science-fiction writer wrote the three laws of robotics?'. Twelve teams battled it out to reign supreme with an eclectic mix of rounds, from Audio to Visual, from Fictional pets to Historical Figures, Geography and Movie Trivia.

One teen quizzer said: "There really isn't anywhere we can go without making a nuisance of ourselves, we love the library and its great that we can all come hang out and have fun without being pressured to 'move on' or 'buy stuff'. The staff are great and really make us feel welcome, we can't wait till the next one," said Emily, 17, of the Whispering Eyes quiz team.

And Sophie, 15, of Soph 'n' Co had a strong opinion on the catering - "Peng Munch...But can we have pizza next time?"

With the aim to make this a regular event, staff are currently working on developing a Vale of Glamorgan Teen Quiz League with hopes of implementing it throughout all Vale Libraries.

Want to know more? Pop in to the Library or give us a call on 02920 708438, Don't forget to keep up to date on all Vale Library events by checking out our Facebook page: facebook.com/VoGLibraries

Quizzes aren't your thing? How about...

Video Games in the Library! But I thought Libraries were all about books? Oh no, as an essential part of the Vale of Glamorgan's drive for modernisation, Penarth Library will be piloting Video Game rentals from the end of June, as well as the installation of a demo kiosk situated in our 'Entertainment Hub' for members of the library to try out some of the cracking games we have on offer.

What else are we planning?

Did you know that Penarth Library has a garden? That's because it doesn't, but coming this summer, with the help of Library members and the local community, staff hope to create a bright, colourful, educational town Eco-Garden for people of all ages to enjoy. With summer fast approaching and the regeneration work planned for the children's area, we hope that the space can be used for activities, events and leisure, such as Storytelling, Blast: Creative sessions, Eco-Club and much, much more. Would you like to get involved? Come and talk to a member of Staff.

Penarth Summer Festival is just around the corner and following on from popular demand Penarth Library are busy preparing for the next Quiz Night extravaganza in celebration of the much anticipated Summer Festival.

All details will be available in the Penarth Summer Festival Programme.