THE PAGET Rooms could host West End plays and operas as part of an Event Cinema under new Penarth Town Council proposals.

Penarth Town Council, which runs the Paget Rooms and has recently been looking at increasing its usage, has launched a survey to see whether local residents would be keen on seeing Event Cinema hosted at the premises.

Event Cinema entails West End productions being transmitted via satellite into a different venue with cinema quality equipment.

Lauren Wilson, Marketing and Publicity Project Officer for Penarth Town Council, said that they wanted to see if there was a demand for Event Cinema.

“If there was a demand we could put on a show once a month,” she said.

“I think it’s a good way to bring people together and utilise the Paget Rooms more often.”

She added that Event Cinema had “grown massively” in popularity in recent years and that it could include a mix of plays, operas and musical productions.

The survey can be answered at