KERRY Baker, a teacher at Ashgrove School, Penarth, has won the Extra Mile award at the Autism Heroes Awards at Holly's Ball held at the Vale Resort on Saturday, June 21.

Kerry Baker has been a teacher at Ashgrove School since 2011.

A parent of one of Kerry's pupils nominated her for the 'Extra Mile' award.

This was Kerry's nomination:

"My son has had a very difficult time in his early educational life . He has developed many negative associations with learning and this has prevented him from developing and achieving resulting in many difficult and complex issues affecting all areas of his life .Since going to Ash Grove School he has had Kerry as his teacher.

"She has shown extraordinary motivation, commitment and determination in helping him and our family face so many difficult challenges . She has always done this with a positive approach and with great enthusiasm . She has created many learning opportunities for my son introducing the curriculum to him in a creative and varied way which has resulted in positive changes in his self esteem and development and improved his quality of life in so many ways.

"She has developed a project called Coastal Connections which along with other children at school he is part of . This gives children with ASD opportunities to access learning through beach based activities, out doors where they are often less anxious and more able to learn and have fun. Through this project my son has learnt academically, developed life and social skills, to care and clean up the environment , and even learnt to surf which he never had opportunity to do before.

"Earlier this year she paddled from mumbles bay to Penarth Pier on her surf board along with another colleague to raise funds for this project!

"She has shown amazing personal commitment to helping our son and supporting us, taking many hours outside of the school day to talk through many difficult situations which he/we have faced. Kerry has shown commitment and support way beyond anything we have ever experienced before. She has created so many opportunities and experiences helping to improve my sons skills and self esteem recognising his potential, a true Autism Hero."