THE National Survey for Wales was recently published. The survey found that the majority of people are happy with education, health and transport services here in Wales.

The survey sought the views of 14,500 people across Wales, with around 660 in each of the nation’s 22 local authorities completing the survey face-to-face in their homes. The National Survey was brought in by the Welsh Government to provide a national snapshot of the attitudes and opinions of people in Wales. The Survey covers a range of topics, with a focus on well-being and people’s views of public services.

Of the people surveyed over ninety per cent were pleased with the care they received from their GP at their last visit and with the care they received at their last appointment at an NHS hospital. In the Cardiff and Vale Health Board area ninety one per cent of people were pleased with the care they had received from their GP. The survey also found that ninety two per cent of parents were satisfied with the primary school their child attended and eighty five per cent were satisfied with the secondary school their child attended. These figures offer a reality check on the state of public services. Media reporting paints a picture of poor quality services far too often. That simply does not reflect the positive reality of everyday life.

In the National Survey people were asked how satisfied they were with the way the Welsh Government is doing its job. Answers were given on a scale of 0 (extremely dissatisfied) to 10 (extremely satisfied). The average score was 5.8. While the findings of the survey are welcome I recognise that there is of course room for improvement. I want to see the best services possible for all of my constituents. There should be no room for complacency, especially at a time of radical budget cuts from the UK Government. The survey gives us hugely important objective feedback about public services, local areas and the performance of the Welsh Government. If you haven’t seen the survey results please contact my office for a copy by emailing or by writing to National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay, CF99 1NA.