THE VALE Council is set to investigate into the causes of flash flooding along Windsor Road in Penarth

Some minor improvements have already been made to reduce the risk of further flooding, and work is ongoing to try to understand the cause before undertaking any additional drainage improvements.

Operational Manager for Highways and Engineering, Michael Clogg, said: “Following initial investigations at Windsor Road in Penarth additional drainage holes have been cut in the metal drain covers outside Nos. 166 to 172 Windsor Road and a new gully installed in order to assist with the drainage of the footway.

“The Council’s drainage teams have also recently undertaken further work and detailed investigations of the existing drainage systems in the area, including a full drainage survey, high pressure water jetting of individual pipes and a full CCTV survey to ascertain and record the condition of the pipework. These investigations of the highway drainage system will continue over the next few weeks, together with the installation of another new gully.”

The Council is also considering further improvement works involving a new kerb drainage system to discharge surface water more efficiently, and reduce the likelihood of the existing drains becoming obstructed with leaves and debris.