A PENARTH jewellers is set to have a starring role in the latest series of cult sci-fi hit Doctor Who later this month.

Following a request from the BBC costume design department, Glebe Street’s Rowley’s the Jewellers have worked with designer Kate Dumbleton to create the ring currently being worn by the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

Kate Dumbleton and Petra Aydin Barberini, the bespoke team from Rowley’s the Jewellers, consulted with Peter Capaldi and the BBC costume department directly in January this year.

Kate was tasked with the job of designing and making the ring in lightening time, no easy task when it needs to stand the rigours of travelling to other dimensions while the Doctor saves the universe.

The gold, stone set ring is already the subject of much online speculation by keen Doctor Who fans, known as Whovians, eager to decipher the reasons behind this addition to the Doctor’s wardrobe.

One possible explanation was provided by Petra’s son Idris, aged 11, who wrote a note that was included in the presentation box of the ring for former The Thick of It star Peter Capaldi.

“This timeless gold ring contains green amber collected by the Doctor on the planet Raxacoricofallapatoriu,” said Idris.

“It reminds him of all the wars he has won, but also all the lives he has taken.

“This thought lurks on his conscience to this day.

“To Peter, best wishes being the new Doctor Who, from Idris (11).”

Peter was touched by this explanation and sent Idris a heartfelt and personal letter of thanks.

As part of the Doctor’s sleek new look, the ring had to be as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible so not to interfere with the action.

Kate Dumbleton said: “It was a challenge coming up with a design fit for a Timelord and we were very pleased that our elegant yet practical solution met with the new Doctor’s approval.”

Petra Aydin Barberini added: ‘It’s important for local businesses like Rowley’s the Jewellers to get the chance to work with the BBC on their flagship productions. What better recommendation can a business get? We are over the moon to be Doctor Who’s jewellers.”

The latest series of Doctor Who, which premiered in Cardiff during a special screening last week, is set to hit screens on Saturday, August 23.

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Excitement is building for the latest series of Doctor Who, which was premiered in a special screening in Cardiff last week, and it set to hit screens on August 23.