STANWELL School students enjoyed their best ever GCSE results this year with 65 per cent of pupils achieving 10 A grades or better.

The number of pupils achieving at least five GCSE passes from A* to C, including Mathematics and English, was also a record 82 per cent.

The following 12 pupils were some of school’s highest achievers with 10 A* grades or more each:

Sarah Brabham with 14 A* grades and two A’s

Sally Jones with 13 A*’s and two A’s

Anastasia Mirza-Davies with 13 A*’s and two A’s

Sayalie Borade with 12 A*’s and three A’s

Katie Macleod with 13 A*’s and two A’s

Alex Warren with 11 A*’s and four A’s

Ben Rose 12 A*’s, three A’s and a B

Niamh Teagle with 11 A*’s, two A’s and a B

Stephanie Friend with 10 A*’s and five A’s

Hazel Doran with 10 A*’s and three A’s

Molly Holloway with 10 A*’s, three A’s and a B

Rebecca Egerstrom with 10 A*’s, three A’s and three B’s

The percentage of GCSE A* grades this year was 12 per cent and overall more than 1450 entries were graded A* or A, which equates to 34 per cent of all entries. A record 291 pupils (94 per cent) achieved five or more Level 2 (A*-C) passes. Furthermore, 79 per cent of the year group attained 10 or more Level 2 passes.

The success of pupils was widespread across the curriculum, with the A* to C grades exceeding 90 per cent of the entry in art, biology, chemistry, resistant materials (DT), digital applications (ICT), drama, English literature, music and performing arts.

Particularly pleased with the students’ achievements were the religious studies and mathematics departments with 55 and 51 A* grades respectively. Equally impressive were the achievements of pupils who studied vocational qualifications in partnership with Cardiff and the Vale College and the Military Preparation School.

Star pupils included Swedish-born Rebecca Egerstrom, who achieved 10 A*’s, three A’s and three B’s. She is set to study Business, Maths, Psychology, Media and Creative Media at A-level

“It’s a lot better than I expected,” she said.

“The hard work has paid off.”

She added about her future plans: “I want to be an entrepreneur.

“Hopefully I’ll be the next Alan Sugar, but with a bit more hair and more feminine.”

Alexandra Warren almost achieved perfection with 11 A*’s and four A’s.

She is set to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Geography at A-level.

“I’m over the moon and really happy with my results,” she said.

“I did better than I expected as some of the exams were quite tough.”

Anastasia Mirza-Davies achieved 13 A* grades and two A’s and is set to study Maths, Chemistry, Biology and History at A-level.

She hopes to study medicine at university before specialising in neurology.

“I have always been interested in the brain and thought it would be cool to study it.”

Christina Bugret achieved seven A’s, five B’s and a C, and is set to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and German at A-level.

“I’d like to study Biology in university and specialise in Microbiology Research in the future,” she said.

Kathya Donovan achieved 10 A*’s, five A’s and a Distinction, and is set to study Economics, Politics, Maths, Further Maths and Geography at A-level.

“I’m really happy and relieved with my results,” she said.

“I found the exams really hard and I didn’t expect to do this well.

Assistant head teacher, Mr James Mansfield, welcomed the record breaking results. "The pupils, their parents and the staff should be very proud of what has been achieved this year,” he said.

“These record breaking results are a reflection of the diligence, perseverance and commitment demonstrated by this cohort of learners and it is gratifying to see them justly rewarded. We look forward to welcoming so many back to the Sixth Form where they will be able to embark on their preferred post-16 courses.”

Year 11 Tutor, Miss Lisa Jenkins, added: “It was pleasing to see the joy on the students' faces with so many achieving their potential and obtaining high grades. The Key Stage 4 pastoral team have enjoyed working with this year group and wish them all continued success in the future.”