DOGS Trust are encouraging schools in Wales to sign up for one of their free workshops to teach children how to be safe around dogs. The workshops will teach children a variety of useful suggestions and give them the knowledge to deal with dogs, including how to greet a dog, understanding what a dog does when it’s frightened and what to do if a dog jumps up.

Last year Dogs Trust worked with over 90 schools and arranged over 23 workshops in Wales which have helped children understand the importance and responsibility of dog ownership.

This year the charity has launched ‘Be Dog Smart’, a new initiative focusing on teaching children about dog safety. The education initiative is now in its 11th year of engaging with children through interactive lessons and workshops.

If your school, community or leisure centre would like to arrange a community workshop or would like to download the comprehensive ‘Be Dog Smart’ guide on a range of child and dog safety issues please visit the Dogs Trust website at