THE Youth Branch of the Penarth and District Lesotho Trust has recently returned from an unforgettable trip to Lesotho. Over the past two years, the Youth Branch, consisting of nine Stanwell School pupils, has raised more than £10,000 through fundraising events such as music concerts and a garden party.

Victoria Primary School raised £3,284.70 which was taken out by the group along with a donation for £500 from the Penarth Town Council.

This money was used to support the charity’s three partner schools in Lesotho: St Matthias Primary School, Rantuba High School and Ty Junior Academy. At St Matthias Primary School and Rantuba High School, members of the group taught English, Maths and Science. During their time spent at TY Junior Academy, the Youth Branch helped to set up a newly built library. At St Matthias Primary School, £500 was given in addition to teaching tools and stationery to help support the staff and pupils.

£1,000 was donated to Rantuba High School to cover the wages of a Maths teacher until December and to help buy vital school equipment.

At TY Junior Academy, which has an attached orphanage, £8,500 was given to help cover the costs of building a separate girls dormitory and a shower block.

The money will also go towards improving the classroom facilities. The Trust would like to thank Stanwell School for all the support that it has given in helping the group with many of its fundraising efforts. Olivia Dwyer, 16, will now take over as leader of the Youth Branch and return to Lesotho in 2016 with a new team.