ROOF repairs have been carried out at Penarth Library after water started pouring in from the ceiling during heavy rain.

Water came into the first floor of the building, but no stock was damaged by the leak.

Scaffolding was erected outside the Grade II listed building last week, but is expected to be taken down in the next few days.

The main area affected by the flooding was the carpet area, but several computers were cordoned off while work was carried out.

Marcus Payne, senior librarian at Penarth Library, said: “Scaffolding was put up last week to enable access to the clock tower and flat roofed area, after water starting coming in through the roof of the library after heavy rain.

“The problem was caused by birds nesting in the area, causing the water outlets to clog up with debris and the water to overflow through the roof. "This has now been cleared out to restore the proper outflow of water.

“The small corner area of the first floor where there are usually computers was temporarily cordoned off as a precautionary measure, but will now be made available for public use again.

“The leak has now been fixed, and the scaffolding should be coming down this week.”

The work is separate from the scheduled £88,000 set to be spent by the Vale Council to address damp in the building next year.