A GROUP of Penarth women that have stuck together through thick and thin are celebrating 40 years of meeting together for coffee mornings.

The group has now extended to both children and grandchildren, and still meets every Wednesday morning to put the world to rights.

It was the summer of 1974 when Bev House, Jenny Rosser and Pam Dodd first met for a coffee.

Soon after the first two "coffee babies" were born and have recently turned 40.

Barbara Godfrey, Carol Ham, Pam Pritchard, Jane Thomas and Sue Gape joined in and more babies were born. The group has grown over the years and now totals approximately 20 ladies.

Every Wednesday morning these ladies meet at each others' houses for coffee, cake and occasionally a glass of wine.

The "coffee babies" are spread all over the country but remember with fond affection the coffee mornings. Marriages and births have swelled the numbers of this extended coffee family and on Sunday, August 24, everyone got together to celebrate 40 years of coffee morning and friendship.