CROWDS of Penarthians queued up to catch a glimpse of the NATO flypast over Cardiff Bay Barrage on Friday morning, September 5.

Hundreds gathered along Penarth Esplanade and the Cliff Tops, whilst many others chose lookout posts from Paget Road and the Penarth side of the Cardiff Bay Barrage.

Traffic almost brought Paget Road to a standstill as people looked for places to park before watching the flypast.

The formation for the NATO Summit Flypast, which included 22 aircraft, went over Penarth and Cardiff Bay on its way to the Celtic Manor in Newport.

As well as nine Red Arrows the formation also included two MiG-29’s, two Typhoon’s, a Mirage 2000C, three F-16’s, a Eurofighter, an F-18, two F15’sand Voyager, the RAF's biggest aircraft.

The aircraft came from the likes of Poland, France, Denmark, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, America and the UK.

Many onlookers brought their own long-range cameras so they could to take photos of the military aircraft as they flew over Cardiff.

They were treated to the infamous Red Arrows display as the aircraft released their multi-coloured vapour trails over the bay.