APHOTOGRAPHER has undertaken a project to capture images of all the local Brains bridges.

Katrina Dimech, of Laburnum Way in Penarth, is documenting the bridges in Cardiff and the surrounding area, including Penarth which has one located on Windsor Road.

Miss Dimech who owns Dinas Powys based photography company Shutter Hire, said she shot the first one three or four years ago and had "loads" of interest in it.

"I decided to follow it up by photographing the rest of the bridges in the hope to do some kind of exhibition to sell the photographs on canvas.

"I've been so busy with work projects it has taken me until now to go out and shoot the other bridges," she said.

"I very rarely get chance to go out and shoot for myself these days.

"The only time I've got my camera in my hands seems to be for paid jobs.

"I got some funny looks doing it, people thought I was either filming a time lapse or I was trying to catch them speeding."

She said she is only interested in the Brains ones because it is specific to the area's identity and makes them a "great piece for art in the home."

She still has one more to cover on Cowbridge Road East in Cardiff which she hopes to capture this week.