A PETITION calling for a late night bus service from Cardiff to Penarth, Dinas Powys and Barry has reached more than 200 signatures.

Plaid Cymru campaigner Aled Thomas who launched the petition believes it could benefit people living in the Vale of Glamorgan.

He said there had also been support for the idea on social media and fellow Plaid Cymru member Anne Greagsby, also backs the idea.

Mr Thomas said: "Parts of Cardiff have a late night service which is proving successful and many people think this could be extended to the Vale.

"It could benefit people who like a late night meal or drink in the city centre as well as restaurant and hotel staff, call centre workers, cleaners and hospital shift workers.

"Such a service could allow flexible working hours for night shift workers and mean they could avoid the high taxi fares from Cardiff to the Vale, which can take a good chunk out of their earnings."

Mr Thomas said there had many favourable comments about his petition with some commenting on the need to expand bus services in Penarth Marina in the evenings and for the promenade area.

He said he had taken up his idea for a late night bus service from Cardiff with the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Cllr Peter King, cabinet member for building services, highways and transportation, said it is currently difficult to determine how popular something like this would be.

"Bristol and Cardiff are examples of places where a late-night bus service is operating, cities with a large student community and greater population in general, providing a wider client base to sustain it," he said.

"There are question marks over whether there would be sufficient demand for such a service within the Vale of Glamorgan.

"Council officers have made enquiries on the issue and spoken to bus companies.

"Unfortunately, they are only willing to provide a late-night bus service if it is subsidised and we are not currently in a position to offer that kind of financial support.

"However, should funds become available or evidence of significant interest emerge, we will re-examine the situation."

A spokeswoman for Cardiff Bus said: "We have recently introduced a regular night service on our route 18 and are about to introduce a further daily night route on our route 27 and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays on our routes 44 and 57 on a trial basis.

"Once we have run the trail on these routes, if successful, we will look at the opportunity for other routes.”

To view the petition, visit thepetitionsite.com/442/680/638/introduce-a-bus-service-from-cardiff-to-penarth-in-the-night-time/.