LLANDOUGH Primary School opened in 1970 and currently houses more than 200 pupils, aged between three and 11 years old.

It has a nursery, which opened in 1992 and operates as a part time morning facility, while there are also two speech and language resource bases at the school for foundation phase and key stage two.

All pupils who use these resources are given the chance to take part in the mainstream classes at the school as well.

The current head teacher is Mark Ellis, who arrived at the school in September 2016.

He said he is pleased he came to the school which he says is looking at ways of promoting its links with the wider community and local business.

“We want to be part of the community and we work with the community council with our pupils singing at their Christmas coffee morning.

“We support events such as the fete with dancers and choirs and host a firework display in November for the community.”

In terms of transition to secondary school, the pupils make visits to St Cyres Comprehensive School, which Mr Ellis says helps them get used to the environment beforehand, including attending dress rehearsals of major school productions.

Mr Ellis also said the school wants to match the resources that children have at home to help them achieve their best.

“We have big links with Big Learning Company and we are investing heavily into ICT,” he said.

“We want to make sure that children get the best resources here in school to match what they have at home.

“We have a really supportive and fantastic parent teacher association (PTA) who put on events such as the disco.

“The focus of the school is providing the experience and right resources for children to succeed so parents can see what they are aiming for.

“The aim is to make sure the parents are heavily involved.

“We have a really supportive and fantastic parent teacher association (PTA) who put on events such as the disco.”

The school has a number of sports teams including a very successful football team which reached the finals of the Cardiff City Foundation Cup.

It also has a netball team and a dance club which works with various dance companies.

The school also plays host to a karate club.

Mr Ellis said the school is big on celebrating achievement and is active on social media, especially Twitter.

They also post videos made by pupils in school on Youtube so parents can see what they are doing.

One project saw pupils given a poem and then asked to create a visual representation of it on the online game Minecraft.

Mr Ellis added: “We always like the pupils to have a purpose to what they are doing. We want to upskill children for the 21st Century.

“They have used green screening, iMovies and iBooks as well as uploading content to Youtube.

“The staff have taken on so many skills.

“There is a really community and team feel to this school which comes across to visitors.”

“We want every child to fulfill their potential, to have a really good experience and to have a love for learning,” he added.

“We want to make sure children achieve and have that ‘wow’ experience, to hook them in first and then push them on with their learning.

Pupils recently enjoyed a school trip to the Cadbury’s chocolate factory in Bournville and were visited by television presenters who asked them to make characters for a new book.

They have also had pirate themed days, pyjama days and a trip to the science centre @Bristol.

Mr Ellis said: “We have the best resources to help children succeed so we expect excellence from everyone.

“We also have a value of the month and there is a constant discussion with the pupils.”

There is a school council, as well as eco and healthy living groups.

The pupils are even involved with the interview process for prospective head teachers.

Mr Ellis added: “The children wanted more of a say in school activities and there is always a discussion to be had.

“We need to ask staff, parents and pupils what they want as it is their school.

“The children also get a say in topics that they are leaning about. They a part of everything we do.

“We want the best teaching, the best resources and the best outcomes and the staff and pupils work together on that.”