NEGOTIATIONS are currently underway to decide who will lead the Vale of Glamorgan council, following last week's election.

The Conservatives won 23 of the 47 seats available, but fell short of the required majority of 24 to take overall control of the authority.

The Labour party won 14 seats, Plaid won four and there were two independent councillors elected as well as as four for Llantwit First Independents.

The results were announced at the Barry Leisure Centre count following a turnout of 46.78 per cent.

Tory group leader John Thomas confirmed his group would meet on Wednesday, May 17 to decide on how to progress.

Mr Thomas said: “It was a tremendous result for us. We thought we’d do well, but it was better than we even hoped for – especially to take all four seats in Dinas Powys. It was a nice surprise.

"To win a seat in Cadoc was quite a surprise. I’ve been on the council for 18 years and not heard of it.

“Now we must all move forward. It’s a case of housekeeping. I will put myself forward as leader and it’s up to 22 others to decide.”

Sully independent councillor Kevin Mahoney said he had not been approached.

He said: “Everything I do would be for the best of Sully and Lavernock.”

Cadoc ward Labour councillor Neil Moore, formerly the Vale council leader, retained his seat with a margin of 33 votes. He confirmed he would remain group leader with Cllr Lis Burnett as deputy leader. They would, he said, be an opposition.

Cllr Neil Moore said: “The result wasn’t unexpected in light of the national picture but we think lots of scurrilous things have been said.”

Tory, Rachel Nugent-Finn took the third seat in the Labour strong-hold.

Senior Plaid councillor, Nic Hodges ruled out 24 councillors uniting to take overall control.

He said they had been delighted with the Barry town council result with Plaid having six councillors, two more than before, and hoped that Barry Town Council would push for more for the town.

Commenting on the negotiations, he said: “Let’s do it openly and get on with it. Let’s make this town gorgeous.”

Newly elected Vale councillor for Dinas Powys, Andy Robertson said: "My colleagues and I are obviously ecstatic at what can only be described as a resounding success.

"To not only have won all four seats to represent Dinas Powys on the Vale council but eight of the sixteen seats on the community council is far more than we could ever dream. 

"It’s probably the biggest turn around in the local elections, certainly for Dinas Powys after over 30 years.

"We will do everything within our power to justify this faith throughout the next five years.

"I'd like to also thank everyone who has tirelessly worked on our campaign, helping with the smallest to the largest tasks," he said.