AN ANNUAL plant and craft sale is being held to raise money for schools in Africa.

The Penarth and District Lesotho Trust (PADLT) has worked with many schools in and near Tayataneng in Lesotho for more than ten years.

It has concentrated mainly on the TY Junior Academy and has helped in the building of new brick built dormitories, classrooms and library which have replaced the wooden structures which originally existed.

There are now fewer orphans at TJA and the school is getting good results.

PADLT wants to continue its links with TJA, helping them when possible, especially with the fitting out of the new kitchen.

Last summer during visits made by trustees and the PADLT youth group, all of whom self-financed their trips, they met Father Augustine of St Cecilia's Church who had found the need of an orphanage because he had seen many orphans in his work as a parish priest.

The trustees of PADLT decided to support Fr. Augustine in his venture.

Following an initial gift of £5,000 receipts and many photographs were sent by the priest.

These were sent mainly to Tracey Graham who was one of the trustees who had made contact with him last summer.

Another need came to his attention, that of teenage girls who had become mothers.

He sought the support of PADLT in creating a centre for teenager mothers.

The trustees decided to send a further £5000 at Easter to give further help for his ambitious schemes.

The plant and craft sale in Penarth takes place at Stanwell Road Baptist Church Hall and lawns on Saturday, May 20 at 10am.

Supporters are invited to come with plants to the church hall on Friday evening from 6pm and from 9am on Saturday morning.