THE Welsh Assembly looks set to be renamed the Welsh Parliament or Senedd Cymru.

The Assembly Commission, which is responsible for running the organisation, has announced it will pass legislation to rename the body.

The changes, which will come into effect before the next Assembly Election in 2021, have been proposed following a consultation run last year, which saw 61 per cent of people back plans to rename the organisation.

Under the plans AMs will also be renamed Welsh Parliament Members, or WPMs.

Sixty per cent also said the role of the Welsh Assembly is not well understood, in the consultation.

Presiding officer Elin Jones AM said: “The change will I hope play a part in ensuring that more people more fully understand the powers of the Assembly and the role it plays in their lives.

“Our role today is as a full parliamentary body, with the power to pass laws and agree taxes, and we must continue to work hard to inspire the confidence, trust and pride in the people we serve.

“A change of name alone will not do that, but it is part of a wider package of reforms that I believe will play an important role in improving understanding of our national democratic legislature.”

Although some concerns were raised during the consultation around the cost of the name change, assembly commissioner and AM for South Wales West Suzy Davies said: “We do not intend to rebrand completely or waste resources by rushing to make the change.

“We will legislate in the near future but, until then, the institution will continue to be known officially by its current statutory name, the National Assembly for Wales, in order to avoid confusion and to minimise cost and disruption.”

The legislation is expected to be presented next year.