PRIMARY school pupils from Sully will have their artwork displayed in a major department store.

Their works will go on display at the Cardiff John Lewis store as part of the unsung heroes project.

Seven-year-old Sully Primary School pupil Hannah Robinson chose to feature doctors in her work because, she said, "They help people when they feel sick."

This summer John Lewis is celebrating 922 of the nation’s unsung heroes, from firemen and nurses to grandfathers and lollipop ladies with over 14 portraits being displayed in the Cardiff John Lewis store.

Portraits sketched by local school children from six different schools, including Sully Primary, of local community members who make a positive impact in their daily lives, will be showcased in John Lewis summer window displays across the country from July 17 until September 1.

The chosen portraits were selected from over 7000 entries to a competition launched by John Lewis in March this year challenging young school pupils, aged between five to eight years old, to illustrate someone in their community they felt was worth celebrating.

Schools and pupils from across the country participated with 227 from Wales.

The final portraits selected were chosen for their strong use of colour shapes and shades, the uniqueness in style of the portrait, and for the description of the special someone they believe is a national and local treasure worth celebrating.

The 7458 entries were reviewed by John Lewis Partners and team members from Hopscotch, the leading specialist consultancy for original, insightful and imaginative education programmes. John Lewis has been collaborating with the company for over five years supporting the Bringing Skills to Life programme. The programme encourages teachers and parents to help equip and inspire children with the mindset, skills and practises for creative thought and action.

John Lewis Community investment manager, Emma Marchant, who led the project said: "We have really enjoyed reviewing the illustrations from these budding artists and the fascinating stories behind why these people are so special to the children; deciding on the final selection was no easy feat.

"It’s great to be able to offer these talented school children a platform to celebrate people they consider a national treasure and to give them a space to showcase their artistic skills on the high street."