PLANS to improve mobile connectivity in Wales have been outlined by the Welsh Government.

The Mobile Action Plan sets out how the Welsh Government will work with the mobile phone industry and the regulator to improve connectivity.

It follows a meeting held by the minister for skills and science, Julie James, with mobile providers and the regulator earlier this year.

The plan has been developed in consultation with those at the meeting and farming unions, landowners and business organisations.

It aims to encourage more investment in mobile infrastructure and to promote innovation in mobile technologies.

The plan focuses on nine key areas, including planning, non-domestic rates, innovation and emerging technologies and major events and special projects which can improve connectivity.

Ms James said: “Mobile phone connectivity is becoming increasingly important for both residents and businesses. We know there are challenges in Wales and that the service needs to be better.

“This plan outlines what we as a Welsh Government can do to help create the right environment to further improve connectivity in Wales. I have to be clear that we do not have the main levers as these rest with the UK Government and Ofcom, and it is important to emphasise there is not one single solution to boosting mobile connectivity. Wales’ topography presents many challenges and we need to ensure we strike the right balance between the local economic benefits of improved mobile coverage with the need to safeguard our sensitive landscape.”

Hamish MacLeod, director of Mobile UK, said he was pleased the plan recognised the “urgent need” for reform.

He added: “The Mobile Action Plan commits the Welsh Government to work with the mobile industry, Ofcom and others to deliver effective reform. The challenge now is to realise this ambition and implement the proposals promptly.”