THE Vale council will offically consider a fourth option to solve Dinas Powys' traffic issues.

A reference from the environment and regeneration scrutiny committee which was presented to cabinet on Monday (October 9) suggested linking a proposed bypass with a multi-modal solution, which includes public transport, walking and cycling.

Previously the Vale council cabinet resolved to carry forward three options from stage one of the Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance (WelTAG).

These included a minimum approach, building a bypass and the multi-modal approach to be considered for stage two of the jointly funded council study with the Welsh Government into traffic issues in Dinas Powys.

The scrutiny committee have also recommended that the community council appoints someone to sit on a review group which will consist of representatives from the council, Welsh Government, local businesses, bus companies, Network Rail, Arriva Trains Wales and Sustrans to oversee the study.

The appointee is not required to be a member of the council.

The study was started because of the high traffic flows experienced in the area with frequent traffic congestion causing delays and poor journey time reliability.

Another reason was that public transport in the area was at capacity during peak periods of travel and there were limited walking and cycling opportunities.

The main objectives of the study include supporting sustainable connectivity in the Cardiff City region, facilitating and supporting economic growth, improving health and wellbeing, improved safety and security and benefits for and minimised impacts on the environment.

A public consultation was held on the study earlier this year in which 44 per cent of respondents identified the need for a bypass as a key issue.