FOLLOWING a story we ran in last week's paper which focused on residents' parking concerns regarding a proposed new gym, it has come to the Penarth Times' attention that the residents who were interviewed own another gym in the town. 

James Beasley and Rachael Devine who live on Windsor Road and own Curves Gym voiced their concerns over the parking chaos that could ensue if a plan for a gym on the site of the former Robert Smith garage is approved. 

Mr Beasley told the Penarth Times: "We are unsure as to the type of gym they are opening, however, they assume it is a traditional gym with machines and weights.

"If this is the case,we have no issues with it as it will not affect us in terms of members as we have a very specific member base which consists largely of those who do not like these types of gyms.

"We welcome competition as it’s a healthy means of ensuring we provide a better service."

But they've said that the issues about them being gym owners is causing misdirection and is drawing public attention away from the potential parking problem.

Mr Beasley said they believe it would be far more beneficial if ways to mitigate the parking problem were suggested.

"Our primary concern is that this issue and the problems that may arise from it have been overlooked in the planning process," said Mr Beasley.

Last week they voiced their fears that plans for the gym in the former car showroom could lead to more parking chaos on a major Penarth road.

They live just a few doors down from the former Robert Smith garage on Windsor Road which has been left empty since it closed down in May 2014.

But when they heard that plans for a gym on the ground floor had been submitted, they felt it would make an already busy road with a difficult parking situation even worse with even fewer spaces available for residents and gym goers potentially clogging up spaces in surrounding streets as well.

The application has been made by Pure Commercial Finance and is for a change of use from retail to a gym on the ground floor of the building.

Mr and Mrs Beasley have been contacting neighbours to let them know about the proposal and get their views on the situation which they said could cause chaos in the area.

Mr Beasley said he felt the site could be better used as a car park itself to ease the problems in the area.

Mr Beasley said: "The amount of people visiting the gym will increase traffic and congestion in and around that part of Windsor Road.

"Any free parking available will be swallowed up.

"Those using the gym who are unable to park near it will look to park wherever they can which will often mean they use up any parking spaces on nearby streets."

But an access statement submitted as part of the application says eight dedicated off street parking spaces will be provided at the front of the building and will enable wheelchair and emergency vehicle access.

But Mr Beasley said he feels the provision of eight spaces is not enough.

He said he thinks planning permission will be granted by the Vale of Glamorgan Council unless residents do something about it.

"If the Vale are unaware of the problems that are likely to be caused, they will see no reason to decline the planning application," he said.

The application is currently out for consultation and can be viewed at