PENARTH Council’s housing committee ended in chaos when a heated exchange led the chairman to close the meeting and walk out.

“After a heated exchange with Cllr Glyn Salmon, the chairman, Cllr Mrs Kathleen Evans closed the meeting and walked out.”

She was accompanied by Cllrs W.R. Jeffcott, G.W. Barratt and B. Barker, and the remaining members then abandoned the rest of the evening’s agenda.

Shortly before the stormy climax to the meeting, a deputation of residents from Paget Road had been present to see the committee vote unanimously to drop the existing plan for ‘B’ in favour of an alternative scheme.

This was a triumphant ending to the residents’ fight to retain their outlook and after they had heard the committee instruct its architects to report back on the implications of an amended scheme, the deputation went home satisfied.

Chairman Evans said members were aware of all the objections when they first took their decision and everyone should recognise that a lot of money had been wasted.

Cllr Salmon said: “We don’t want to be treated as a class of children. Don’t rap your ruler as if we were back in school. I am not to be treated as though I am some little infant.”

The rest of the agenda was not completed.