THE very quick response from Anthony Ernest (Penarth Times, November 8) to my earlier letter (November 1) is appreciated, but does very little to help matters. It is regrettable that he was not as quick to respond and become involved when both the clubs needed his assistance and input during the numerous meetings held with the Vale Council during 2011.

I would remind Mr Ernest and his Conservative colleagues that the clubs arranged for Ove Arup & Partners to prepare a condition report on St Paul’s Church in May 2011. This report was provided, at no cost to the council, and made specific recommendations. Whilst the Arup report did not detail the costs of repairs, I provided a detailed analysis of such costings backed up with bona fide quotations where possible.

The basic recommendations and details of essential and urgent repairs highlighted in the Arup report are identical to those contained within the Austin Smith Lord report commissioned some seven months later. Why was nothing done?

During this period both clubs endeavoured and urged the council to take action based on the estimates provided. No action was taken to carry out the essential and immediate repairs needed. The building is now deteriorating at a rate of knots, this deterioration being compounded by the Labour regime’s decision to annul the cabinet approval to expend £250,000 on the building. As time goes on and good professional advice is ignored, additional costs are bound to accrue.

The expenditure agreed by cabinet in February 2012 effectively brings the building back to a fit and secure state for use by ANY organisation and must be carried out. Someone in authority needs to get a grip of this and sort it.

Both the gymnastic and boxing clubs have been given categoric assurances, subject to legal agreements, that they both can and will be housed at St Paul’s Church. Are the Labour councillors going to renege on these agreements?

I wonder!

Nick Chandler Via e-mail