I SUPPOSE it would be churlish not to congratulate Alun Michael on his success at winning the ‘vote’ for the PCC position. However, at a turnout of 14.7 per cent, it can hardly be described as a triumph for democracy by any standards.

Perhaps it is time for election rules to be amended, to include a minimum turnout for any election results for any publicly funded position to be accepted as representing the will of the people.

If the prescribed minimum is not reached then the election should be declared as void, and the status quo should be maintained with the previous post holder to continue, if at all possible, or for an interim appointee to be put in place for a maximum period to enable another election to be held within that period.

I can understand people saying that would be too expensive or voicing various other objections, but can anyone suggest how else we deal with such an undemocratic situation?

In the meantime perhaps Mr Michael would resist bombarding us with any “Views from...” or any other claptrap. Oh, and perhaps he could refrain from visiting any corners of the globe to ‘see how it is done in....’ to garner ideas for how our police should be directed to act.

Richard Parsons Via e-mail