ON my visit to the town hall in Barry I inquired at the front desk if it would be possible to have a dog waste disposable bin erected near the approach road to the Athletic Club at Dinas Powys Common. At every home game played on the Common, dog faeces have to be picked up, after inconsiderate dog owners have allowed their dogs to foul the Common at will. I don't know what opposing sides think when playing Dinas Powys RFC there, besides health problems that could be caused to players and young children.

Isn’t about time that XFOR, employed by the Vale, paid a visit to the Common where they would surely make a killing on fixed Penalty Notices (£75). I was told at the desk in Barry Town Hall it was not their concern and given a phone number of the Vale of Glamorgan offices. On my return home, I phoned the number I had been given only to be told that it was not their concern and I should go back to Barry Town Hall.

I told them that I had just come from there. They then informed me that the Common was private land and they could do nothing about it. If this is the case then who is responsible for the maintenance of it, and since when has it been private land? Furthermore who do I apply to, to arrange the placing of dog waste collection bins around the area to avoid this problem continuing, on what was once a beautiful spot to spend an afternoon.

Come on you councillors please find a solution to this problem by paying more frequent visits to the area.

Barrie Hudd Via email