AS we have now entered a new year, it is a time of reflection, maybe last year brought happiness or sadness.

Yet this year is filled with hope and promise.

Let us go forth with renewed desire to be a better person.

The hope of the new year.

God gives us each and every day,

And always listens when we pray,

For life is sweet and filled with joy,

Because of Christ that special boy.

So as the new year enters in,

Let us try to end our sin,

So God will help us to begin,

To live a life that’s filled to the brim,

With Godly pleasure of righteous fun,

The love he brings to everyone.

So find his light and live for him,

For Christ is there if you let him in.

So try to smile at those you meet,

For then your joy will be complete.

For God will help you overcome.

For he is there for everyone,

And though we often fall away,

He calls us back to him when we stray,

For God will take away your pain,

And turn your losses into gain.

For no one loves you quite like him,

Who died for you for all your sin,

But try to do what is right,

And bathe within his heavenly light.

For love and peace he offer you,

And a place where all your dreams come true.

Helen Ford

Victoria Road