HAVING just seen the board advertising the sale of woodland on Cowslip Drive, Penarth, I am very concerned.

Firstly if houses were to be built it would be an environmental disaster as both sparrowhawks and owls have been seen nesting in the woods. There are also foxes, squirrels and rabbits living there.

Secondly I have heard of a report that states perhaps the flooding we are all experiencing can be attributed to the cutting down of trees as the trees take in water through their roots and without the trees the water would just run off the land.

Thirdly there is also too many cars using the estate as a short cut , passing a junior school and a nursery.

Please Vale of Glamorgan Council think hard before allowing any building on this land. Keep it as a small patch of green in an already overdeveloped area.

Mrs Lesley Woodhead

Via email