I SEE from the Penarth Times of January 16 that double yellow lines are to be painted on the junction of three roads at Cornerswell Road.

If this will improve safety, then I am all in favour of this going ahead.

However, when I read that the cost of these yellow lines will be £3,538, of our Council Tax money, I am most certainly not in favour.

Are these lines actually going to be painted in gold leaf? How on earth do the contractors come up with figures like that? And what is wrong with the minds of the people making these decisions to think it is acceptable to spend council tax payer's money in such a profligate way?

I am quite sure that nobody in their right mind would spend their own money with such abandon.

I also see from a separate article, that Councillor Rob Curtis is very concerned about our fuel poverty.

This is very kind of him, and I appreciate all his advice as to possible help. However, while I, and many others do have this problem, Council Tax poverty is of far more concern to me, since my Council Tax is in excess of a quarter of my pension. And we have no control whatsoever over Council Tax, we cannot turn anything off. And this must be a tremendous burden on young and old alike.

So, will the people making decisions on spending our Council Tax money, please make sure they are getting much better value for our money, and not hand over £3,538 to whoever paints yellow lines. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Mrs J M Maynard.

Fairfield Road