REGARDING the letter 'Don't let MP fool you' from Paul Fenton (Penarth Times, January 23).

There is no shame in where you were educated, Paul. The trick is to learn something after you have left.

Troops returning from the Second World War had learned quite a lot and there was a landslide victory for Labour.

The party set about nationalising the country's assets so that energy, transport, the Post Office and water, all belonged to the British people. Profits were returned to the Exchequer.

The free National health service and free secondary and tertiary education soon followed. Safe, secure jobs were guaranteed by the trade unions and workers paid through their wages for pensions and health care.

This method ensured that people were able to buy their own houses and have a family without becoming mired in debt.

Margaret Thatcher changed all that.

Nationalised industries were sold off at a pittance and the proceeds disappeared into the pockets of just ten percent of the population, mainly London-based and public school educated -the Old Boys network. These were stashed abroad where they would not be liable for tax or contribute in any way to the wealth of this country . Extortionate charges for these essential services are now crippling most people.

Banks were deregulated and became criminal casinos which, but for the intervention of Gordon Brown, would have brought down the world banking system. This is still going on.

We now, in Britain, have foodbanks, malnutrition in children and the elderly dying of hypothermia. Depression is endemic.

Our brightest young people are emerging from university with enormous debts and little prospect of secure jobs, whilst those less well-educated are faced with either lifelong unemployment or zero-hours contracts.

If one believes the right-wing press, this brutal oppression of the poorest in our society in order to bring down the deficit whilst leaving the billionaires untouched will bring us in no time to prosperity for all.

Maybe you believe it too.

S Knight

Redlands Rd