AGE Cymru welcomes the call by an Assembly member to increase the number of No Cold Calling Zones in Wales to protect older and vulnerable people from doorstep crime.

We share the view of Mike Hedges AM that there is little consistency across Wales in the levels of protection given to older people.

In our recent survey of all 22 local authorities we found that only a handful have tried to any significant extent to block doorstep cold calling which can lead to the vulnerable being conned and robbed.

We know the public favours these zones and they help to prevent crime so we have called on the Welsh Government to make the process of setting them up easier and cheaper.

If you are an older person or you have older relatives and do not want them falling prey to scammers or rogue traders please contact your AM and MP to ask them to get more No Cold Calling Zones created as soon as possible.

Age Cymru is also keen to hear from anyone who has experienced scams and is prepared to speak about it publicly - if you can help, please contact Age Cymru on 029 2043 1562.

Gerry Keighley

Campaigns Co-ordinator, Age Cymru