ARRIVED at Llandough in cloudburst. Terrible visibility. Much confused by new system but after much toing and froing, discovered several empty parking spaces. With much relief, parked opposite a sign in a language which neither I nor most of my acquaintances could understand. Struggled through the deluge to the hospital as fast as my 80-year-old legs would go.

Exited half an hour later in brilliant sunshine to find that I had inadvertently parked in a staff parking lot... Oh dear! But there were the same vacant spaces there so no one had been inconvenienced.

A few days later arrived a letter from ParkingEye headed in block letters ‘£70 fine’, above two nice pictures of our old, much battered Clio parked in the wrong place.

My appeal was refused as ParkingEye considers its signage adequate. I disagree but dutifully paid my £40 fine.

Thanks to messrs Wallis and Horrobins letters on similar subjects in your February 27 edition. I am encourages to add these views in the hope our joint efforts might help to mitigate the perennial nightmare of parking at Llandough and be a warning to our neighbours about those lurking sharks which show no mercy.

John Pitchford

Sir Ivor Place

Dinas Powys